A general shift to advertising based revenue in the news media encourages algorithms to create hyper-targeted feeds. Low science knowledge, low trust in science, and low trust in the press all combine to allow misinformation to spread. It is going to take a multi-level “systems approach” to root misinformation out.

The very designs and algorithms that make social media great are exactly what enable misinformation to spread. As people succumb to social and emotional pressures, misinformation propagates.


In my previous post, we discussed how and why individuals are led to spread misinformation. One’s emotions can motivate them to participate in…

Widespread low media literacy and dIfferent psychological pressures such as cognitive dissonance, selective exposure, and the “backfire effect” can lead to an individual spreading misinformation. Negative emotions are caused by consuming misinformation which then go on to encourage its spread even further.


There are several social and psychological pressures that…

A burger made from cultured beef. David Parry / PA Wire

Meat that doesn’t take an animal’s life or take down a tree. Good meat is the way of animal products to come.

A majority of climate scientists are in agreement: the earth is heating faster than normal, and it is at least partly humanity’s doing. Many people are concerned about…

George Casper

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